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Which Way Are You Stepping?

How many times have you heard the question, “What’s the next step?” When working on a new project your answer, more importantly your action, is all about leadership. A leader steps up when a project kicks off. This is what leaders do: they love to get in the arena. During project execution, a leader steps aside, recognizing each team members' subject matter expertise and supports that team member’s role in creating project success. And finally, after a project is successfully delivered, a leader steps back. Project success is never the result of a single team member; although often the project leader is the one recognized. Leaders step back and know teamwork makes the dream work. Leaders, wh

Advoco Named on Forbes List of 2019 Small Giants

Advoco, a leading management and consulting services company delivering Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, has been named a Forbes Small Giant: The Best Small Companies of 2019. The list, published in collaboration by Forbes and the Small Giants Community, highlights companies from around the country that have chosen to be great instead of gargantuan, emphasizing company culture ahead of unsustainable growth. Over two hundred companies nationwide competed for the award, and Advoco is one of just twenty-five to make the list. Founded by Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, and Paul Spiegelman, a leadership speaker and author,

Being Serena

Earlier this year, I was in Australia for a break-from-winter, “summer” vacation. My friend and I went for a jog one morning around the Tan – a popular track around the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, Victoria. We came upon Melbourne Park, the sports venue for the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament. We were just a few days late to watch world-renowned tennis players duke it out on the courts but decided a quick detour would suffice. I don’t know if you were watching, but in 2017, tennis icon Serena Williams won her 23rd Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open. And she was eight weeks pregnant with her first child! In the HBO documentary series, Being Serena, Serena talks ab

Michael Jordan’s Words of Wisdom

Whenever I watch NBA games, I can’t help but think about the greatest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan. Growing up watching him play, I thought he would win every game. And one year he almost did! You cannot be that good at something unless you are extremely motivated. And while he is most known for his actions on the basketball court, he has some encouraging words for all aspects of our lives: On teamwork: “You can accomplish small goals on your own, but to accomplish greatness requires help.” “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” On failing: “Effort is more important than success, as long as you are learning from your failures.” “I can accept failure;

Planning and Un-Planning

I have recently put in a lot of effort to start meal planning for the week on Sundays. I haven’t quite made it to meal-prepping, but I do write down what I plan to have for every meal each day and make my grocery run accordingly. However, this doesn’t always turn out exactly the way I had expected. There are times when friends suggest dinner out or co-workers invite me for an unanticipated lunch. In these moments, I felt thrown off because I had made a plan and bought exactly the right amount of food (food like yogurt with expiration dates!) and thought I needed to stick very strictly to my plan. The original purpose of the plan was to provide me a guideline, so I wouldn’t go some days eatin

Make Every Minute Count

We've all got a minute to spare, and at Advoco, we want to make that minute count. That's what "a minute" is all about. We'll bring you thoughts and insights from our team to help you fill up your minutes with information to challenge you to think differently about your business and the way you utilize your EAM system.

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