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We've all got a minute to spare, and at Advoco, we want to make that minute count. That's what "a minute" is all about. We'll bring you thoughts and insights from our team to help you fill up your minutes with information to challenge you to think differently about your business and the way you utilize your EAM system.

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How Do You Lead? By Owning and Sharing

One of the most important elements of being an effective leader is to have the respect of your team. When you are working to earn respect, it is important that you do two things: (1) own your mistakes and (2) share your successes. Owning your mistakes means that if you make a mistake you need to first and foremost acknowledge it. Then, you need to implement a solution to make sure the error doesn’t happen again. Making excuses or deflecting ownership can impact trust, and trust is imperative for earning respect. But it isn’t just owning your mistakes, it is also taking ownership of the missteps of your team. If a team member makes a mistake, it is yours as well. There is a reason the mistake

Analysis Paralysis

Have you ever sat down with the intention of starting a new project and realized you had no idea how to start? What happened next? Did you begin the project, or did you put it off for later? I would be willing to bet that you chose the latter. When the quest for the perfect answer results in delayed work, you are suffering from analysis paralysis. In other words, you are worried about going in the wrong direction, so instead, you do nothing. Your fear of making the wrong decision keeps you from moving forward. Confucius once said, “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” And the French literary historian Voltaire wrote, “the perfect is the enemy of the good.” I bet both men were

Leadership is About Influence

I stumbled across this article on LinkedIn and knew I had to share it. The article is titled 10 Things Bosses Need to Do to Set the Right Example to Their Team. But the great part is these tips don’t just apply to “bosses” – they are things that we all can be doing. And as Marty says, you can lead from any seat. Leadership is about doing the right thing, showing people the right way. It means having influence. And when you have influence, you have to set the right example because you have a big impact on those around you, whether you realize it or not. Behaviors are contagious. The list includes: Giving people full attention when they talk and, yes, keeping your phone and other distractions

Focus On What You Can Control

I get a lot of my inspiration from social media – so I guess it isn’t such a bad thing all the time. I was scrolling through and I saw this quote from Jon Gordon: Three things you control everyday are your attitude, your effort, and your actions. It doesn't matter what others are doing or who you think is being unfair. Every day you can focus on being positive, working hard, and making others around you better. If you do that, great things will happen. This is so empowering. Every day we can decide how our day will go. We may not be able to control what happens around us, but we can control our attitude and how we react to the situations we find ourselves in. When there are bugs with a new r

Advoco Named a Certified OpenCAD Partner by CAD Service

Advoco was recently named a certified OpenCAD partner in the United States by CAD Service. The partnership between the two organizations allows the teams to deliver cutting edge solutions to Infor EAM customers utilizing CAD Service’s OpenCAD technology. OpenCAD, developed by CAD Service as Infor Solution Partner, is an add on integrated application in Infor EAM to help organizations increase and manage visibility of assets, work, and parts in computer-aided design (CAD) formats. With OpenCAD, users can view assets through the OpenCAD interface from within the Infor EAM application without the need to run a separate graphic software. This allows users to save time, improve processes, and boo

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