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Fill Your Scars With Gold

Kintsugi or “golden joinery” is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with an adhesive containing gold dust. The philosophy behind this art is the embracing of cracks and repairs through the use and life of the item. Basically, something is valuable if it is used, and by using that item it will inevitably get chipped or cracked. In Western cultures if something breaks, we typically try to repair it as close as possible to the original. We try to hide the cracks. The goal of kintsugi is the opposite of this. It aims to embrace these cracks and to be proud of them. This philosophy made me think. Despite our best efforts in the kitchen, we drop pots and pottery gets chipped. Much like ho

Advoco Takes Home Top Honors at International Conference

Advoco was recently named ‘EAM Partner of the Year’ at the Inforum 2018 conference which took place in Washington, DC from September 24-27. Hosted by Infor, Inforum is the largest international conference for Infor customers, partners, and employees. Infor has delivered best in class enterprise software solutions to over 90,000 organizations worldwide, and Inforum is a celebration of these successes. At this unique event, participants have access to emerging technology presentations, product launches, future innovations, networking, and over 1,000 different breakout education sessions to further improve their usage of Infor products. “We were incredibly excited to receive Infor EAM Partner o

Does Email Schedule Your Day?

Email is a factor in all our lives. Not only does our professional life revolve around emails, we keep up with friends and family through email as well. Many of us recall the days of standing over a fax machine, so sending email communications in real time is revolutionary. All that being said, email has its downside as well – it can take over our lives and prioritize our days. I am talking about the email rabbit hole. Everyone comes into the office each day with a list of tasks they’d like to accomplish. But then, we sit down, open our email, and 8 or 10 hours later we leave work with dozens or hundreds of emails answered and the original list of tasks untouched. When this happens, it means

Post Implementation Consulting Services Launched for Infor EAM Users

Advoco is excited to announce the launch of Post Implementation Consulting[MG1] for Infor EAM customers. Post Implementation Consulting is designed to be a resource for remote daily consulting for organizations who have already implemented Infor EAM and are in need of on-going help. Examples of the type of assistance provided include help with system error resolution, training, system configuration, new reports, business rules, and guidance for future system growth. “Advoco Post Implementation was created because there was a void,” said Michelle Kelly, Vice President of Post Implementation Delivery at Advoco. “We found that once customers were live with Infor EAM, they were asking themselve

Flip the Script on Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is not easy to hear, and it’s not easy to give either. No matter what side of the feedback you’re on, it can be a tricky situation. As the receiver, we can take the feedback too personally and become upset. And as the giver, we might worry about hurting the other person’s feelings, or being seen as “mean.” But here’s the issue: getting feedback is critical to your success! If you don’t want to hear it, and your manager is worried about giving it, how will you improve? So, what do you do if you know that you need feedback to succeed, but you aren’t getting it? Flip the script! Approach your manager with what you feel you need to work on and ask him or her for suggestions on

Board With Trust

In the past year, I’ve been on about 20 trips that involved a plane. One day while boarding, I started thinking about the amount of trust that goes into flying on a plane. You are 35,000 feet above ground surrounded by 200 strangers. But for some reason, there’s an atmosphere of trust surrounding the whole process. Most of us trust the pilot to navigate and get us safely to our destination. You trust the passengers next to you to be respectful. You trust the crew to provide you with safety instructions in case of an emergency. You trust someone to help you get your bag in the overhead bin if you are struggling to do it alone while holding coffee…purely hypothetical, of course. Ironically, mo

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